University of Washington immigrant rights rally

May 1, 2008

SEATTLE--Some 200 people gathered on the University of Washington campus April 15 for a rally in support of immigrant rights.

The action was called in response to the College Republicans' plan to hold an event titled "Find an Illegal Immigrant Tag," with students impersonating "federal agents" chasing around "illegal immigrants." Due to overwhelmingly negative response, the Republicans were forced to cancel their event.

Instead, a wide array of campus activists, including MEChA, the Muslim Student Association (MSA), First Nations, the Student Labor Action Project, the March 1 Solidarity Committee, Socialist Alternative, the International Socialist Organization and others came together for a speak out and celebration.

"This isn't in response to 'Tag an Immigrant,' but we are coming out here to show that if hurtful and destructive language is used, the community is going to come out here and say, 'That isn't supported on our campus,'" said senior Hala Dillsi of the MSA.

Activists are now discussing plans for a rally on May 1 to join immigrants and longshore workers who are striking to protest the war.

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