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September 11 and the "war on terrorism"



Tom Engelhardt: When withdrawal doesn't mean withdrawal

Scott Ritter: The case against Iran exposed

Tariq Ali and Anthony Arnove: The challenge to the empire

Gilbert Achcar: Israel is holding a whole country hostage

Anthony Arnove: Why the U.S. has to get out of Iraq now

George Galloway: Exposing the big lie

Patrick Cockburn: All Iraqis see is their lives getting worse

Cindy Sheehan: They died for a lie

Arundhati Roy: Public power in the age of empire

John Pilger: They put the lie to their own propaganda

Mazen Haddad: They ruined my brother's life

Howard Zinn: What Bush's "war on terror" is really about

Sami Al-Arian: This is like fighting ghosts

Howard Zinn, Ahmed Shawki and Sharon Smith: Can the U.S. bring justice?

Noam Chomsky, Rania Masri and others: Why we say no to war and hate

Noam Chomsky: September 11 will be exploited by the right

A war around the world
September 11 and the aftermath
What they want from this war
The war at home


Pakistan without Musharraf?
Leaders of Pakistan's two strongest political parties agreed to form a ruling coalition--and take steps to marginalize former dictator Pervez Musharraf.


What's next in Pakistan?
Cities across Pakistan erupted over the killing of Benazir Bhutto as a major crisis--not only for Pakistan but the U.S. "war on terror"--continues to unfold.

Champion of freedom?
Benazir Bhutto was hailed by many as Pakistan's last hope for democracy. But even a brief look at her life and legacy yields a different story.

Inventing the next enemy
At no point in the media's recent campaign against Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was there any serious examination of the allegations against Iran--or the larger U.S. aims at work.

An alliance of tyrants
Scrambling to overcome the impact of the U.S. debacle in Iraq, George Bush is moving to prop up assorted dictators and monarchs across the Middle East and South Asia.

Long goodbye of Bush's partner in crime
British socialist Mike Marqusee says that Tony Blair's resignation announcement comes not a moment too soon for most people in Britain, or the rest of the world.

The U.S. proxy war in Africa
Ethiopian forces swept through southern Somalia at the end of 2006 to drive out Islamist militias and install a handpicked regime friendly to the U.S.

Labour ministers echo anti-Muslim racism of far right
European leaders stoke Islamophobia
European politicians from London to Moscow are bashing Islam and immigrants, legitimizing politics previously limited to the anti-immigrant extreme right.

What's next after the North's nuclear test
Washington's long siege of North Korea
The most surprising thing about North Korea's October 9 nuclear test may be that much of the surprise has already worn off.

The country Bush has in his sights
Behind the U.S. myths about Iran
When George Bush rails about the supposed threat of Islamofascism, Iran is at the top of his list. But Iran is far more open politically than the U.S.'s main Arab ally, Egypt.

A bipartisan slander campaign against Hugo Chávez for...
Speaking truth to U.S. power
For the growing opposition to U.S. imperialism around the globe--including within the U.S.--Hugo Chávez's address to the UN General Assembly spoke for them.

Calls for UN intervention to "Save Darfur" ignore...
What the U.S. has in store for Sudan
The central demand of the "Global Day for Darfur" was not an appeal for stepped-up aid to the victims, but a call for 20,000 NATO/UN troops to occupy the region.

The hysteria about "Islamic fascism"
Another pack of lies to justify war
The chieftains of the never-ending "war on terror" are peddling a newly updated enemy: "Islamic fascism."

The truth about the British "terror" scare
CNN and the rest of the mainstream media went on "red alert" from the moment that British officials announced they had foiled a terrorist plot to blow up transatlantic flights.

Darfur crisis sparks calls for U.S. action, but can there be...
A "humanitarian" invasion?
Many thousands of ordinary people want to express their solidarity with the people of Darfur. But we should look closely at what is being called for in their name.

Shoot-to-kill victim in London
His only crime was to leave his house for work
The roundup of dozens of people in connection with last month's bombings can't erase the image of a 27-year-old Brazilian man murdered by undercover police on a London subway train.

Casualties in Bush and Blair's war
The bombings on London subway trains and buses July 7 were tragic reminders of how the "war on terrorism" has endangered, rather than protected, ordinary people.

As Bush escalates the pressure...
What's next in Syria?
Syria's current maneuvering to survive pressure from the U.S. highlight how Washington has alternately cast the country's regime as enemy or ally.

U.S. steps up military presence in an oil-rich region
A war for oil in Colombia?
Colombia's right-wing government is escalating its dirty war on leftist guerillas to secure oil resources--and the U.S. government is more openly involved than ever.

The scorched earth war on Chechnya no one will talk about
Behind Russia's school horror
Socialist Worker reports on the bloody aftermath of the hostage crisis in a Russian school--and how it is connected to President Vladimir Putin's scorched-earth war in Chechnya.

Will the new government shake up Bush's occupation of Iraq?
Spain after the Madrid bombings
SW talks to Gustavo Buster, a member of the Spanish socialist group Espacio Alternativo, about Spanish politics after the train bombings in Madrid.

Bush claims al-Qaeda link to attack in Bali
U.S. uses bombings to expand its war
Within hours of the horrific bombings in a resort town on the Indonesian island of Bali, the U.S. government was sending a message: Join our "war on terrorism," or suffer the consequences.

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Antiwar author William Blum on the Osama bin Laden tape:
"The American empire needs to be corralled"
Last week, antiwar historian William Blum's name was all over the media after Osama bin Laden recommended one of Blum's books in his latest taped message.

What the 9/11 commission won't ask
It's a pleasure to see the Bush administration squirm. But in the end, this commission won't recommend that the Bush administration pay for its lies and manipulations.

Bush White House scrambles to contain damage
Secrets and lies
They exploited the tragedy of September 11, they lied to get their war on Iraq, and they tried to intimidate all opposition into silence. But now the Bush White House is rattled.

White House whitewash
Journalist Bob Woodward's Bush at War is supposed to be the insider account of what really happened in the White House after September 11. But the book is packed with myths and shameless flattery.

Uproar over what the White House didn't tell us
Liars and hypocrites
George W. Bush and his gang are on the hot seat for missing warnings about the September 11 attacks. But what about the deeper questions about September 11 that no one in Washington will ask?

The lies they tell about Islam
Behind the attempts by well-paid academic experts and media pundits to "explain Islam and Islamist organizations" to a U.S. audience is a campaign to whip up bigotry, racism, fear--and support for Washington's agenda.

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The scramble for control of "black gold"
Oil and the empire
The U.S. government's thirst for oil isn't only about profits. In a world where the economic and military might of nations depends significantly on access to oil, it is also about power.

The U.S. and its allies have made the world more dangerous
Why the "war on terror" is a war of terror
In the name of the "war on terror," the U.S. and its allies have inflicted suffering across the Middle East and around the globe--and made the world a far more dangerous place.

U.S. maneuvers to maintain its grip on the Middle East
Washington's "democracy" double-talk
The Bush administration's grandiose claims that it was spreading "democracy" through the Middle East have melted away, revealing imperial politics as usual.

Politicians and the press bash Islam over anti-cartoon protests
The racist crusade against Muslims
The controversy over racist cartoons in a Danish newspaper has highlighted the scale of the Western assault on Islam as a justification for anti-immigrant scapegoating and imperialist war.

Behind bipartisan consensus
What the U.S. "war on terror" is really about
Invoking the "war on terror" hasn't made the occupation of Iraq more popular. Yet the White House has preserved a bipartisan consensus in favor of aggressive use of military force.

Tied together by the U.S. drive to control the Middle East
Palestine and Iraq: The tale of two occupations
Toufic Haddad, the coeditor of the left-wing magazine Between the Lines, looks at what connects the occupations of Palestine and Iraq.

Washington hawks on the attack
The new U.S. war on Iraq began on March 20. But for a hard core of "hawks" in the Bush administration, the planning for it began years before.

The Bush Doctrine: What it means
The Bush administration has produced a National Security Strategy document that goes further than ever before in asserting U.S. military and economic power as the world's unchallenged super-cop.

Why Washington wanted this war
George W. Bush claims that the "war on terrorism" will cleanse the world of "evildoers" who "hate freedom." But the U.S. has very different goals.

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Abuse of prisoners in U.S. "war on terror"
License to torture
Solitary confinement, sensory deprivation, denial of human contact. Most people would call this "torture." The Bush administration calls it standard operating procedure.

Detainees commit suicide in U.S. prison camp
"There's no hope in Guantánamo"
Three detainees at the U.S. prison camp at Guantánamo Bay took their own lives. But as far as the U.S. government is concerned, their suicides were an act of aggression.

Politicians demonize Arabs and Muslims to justify their war
Making anti-Arab racism respectable
The demonization of Arabs and Muslims by politicians and the media is on the rise--with all too predictable results.

What you need to know about Bush's Big Brother policies
"They want to intimidate people from dissenting"
Michael Ratner of the Center for Constitutional Rights explains what activists should know about the federal government's new police powers.

Big Brother is watching you
As each new scandal about secret spying and government targeting of immigrants comes to light, it's clearer than ever that the Bush administration is shredding our rights.

Jeffrey St. Clair exposes Bush's covert policy of "renditions"
Torture Air, Inc.
A sleek Gulfstream V jet with the tail number N379P has traveled the world, carrying terrorism suspects that the CIA wants tortured by U.S. allies where this isn't against the law.

The voices they want to silence
Since the September 11 attacks, the right wing has organized a concerted campaign to silence the voices of left-wing academics and activists.

An anti-immigrant hysteria to justify their "war on terror"
Victims of a witch-hunt
The U.S. immigration system is set up for abuse and cruelty. But since September 11, authorities have used their powers most aggressively against anyone of Arab descent.

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