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The ugly face of Bush's America


The war on the poor
Crisis in health care
Cutbacks in our schools
Destruction of the environment


Trinational conference to defend education
Public education activists from Canada, Mexico and the U.S. will in Los Angeles at the Trinational Conference in Defense of Public Education.

Oregon gambles with the lives of the poor
Oregon a new lottery. A winning "ticket" means you will be one of 10,000 people to qualify for a state health care program for the poor.

Protests force insurer to back down
PacifiCare's refusal to pay for his cancer treatment could have been the end of the story. Instead, Nick Colombo's brother was determined to fight.


Why does one in six U.S. kids go hungry?
One in six children in the U.S. is at risk of living in hunger--and as the need increases, so do shortages at food pantries around the country.

Upside down priorities
Socialist Worker takes a graphic look at the growing gap between rich and poor in the U.S., and the twisted spending priorities of the U.S. government.

Chicago and the Olympics:
Pushing the poor out of house and home
Chicago's bid to host the 2016 Olympics has thrown into sharp relief the crisis of affordable housing that affects Chicago's working people.

Los Angeles' aggressive policies against the poor
Clearing out skid row
That Los Angeles' best response to its homeless crisis is to criminalize and intimidate its most vulnerable shows why we need to organize for a world with different priorities.

The Socialist Worker guide to inequality in the U.S.
The haves and the have-nots
SW provides a graphical look at two different Americas--starkly divided between the haves and have-nots.

Ten years after Bill Clinton's law
The forgotten victims of welfare "reform"
The 10-year anniversary of welfare "reform" took place in late August. But despite the claims of pundits and politicians, it was nothing to celebrate.

Three fires in New York City have something in common
Deadly toll of budget cuts
Though they took place in different parts of the city, three recent fires have one thing in common: They could have been avoided if not for the city's budget cuts.

In the richest country in the world...
The hidden housing crisis
If George W. Bush gets his way, the crisis of affordable housing will get even worse, and tens of thousands more people could end up on the street.

How the rich rob the poor and the politicians make it all...
Perfectly legal
The system is rigged so that the wealth of U.S. society "trickles up." One little-noticed reason has to do with the injustices of the tax system.

Why millions of people in the United States are...
Drowning in debt
Millions upon millions of working people in the U.S. are drowning in debt--and the worst of this hidden crisis is yet to come.

Class war in Bush's America
American Dream or American Nightmare?
Will your children live a better life than you? For three decades following the Second World War, most people in the U.S. could answer "yes." Today, that American Dream is dead.

The growing gap between rich and poor
The U.S. economy as a whole--and corporate profits in particular--experienced record growth during the 1990s, but working Americans didn't benefit. Today the gap between rich and poor looms larger than ever.

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Health care in crisis:
Do the Democrats have a solution?
Health care reform has been at the center stage of the Democratic primaries. But both Hillary Clinton's and Barack Obama's proposals fall short.

A law that makes the sickness worse
More than 250 Massachusetts doctors issued an open letter warning against a "cure" that promotes the health--and wealth--of private insurers.

Hitting the road for single-payer
Donna Smith, a victim of the health care system featured in the film Sicko, talks to Socialist Worker about the struggle for health care rights for all.

Victim of a "heartless" insurance giant
A 17-year-old California woman died five days before Christmas after her parents' health insurance company denied her a life-saving liver transplant.

The story behind Bush's SCHIP veto
Republicans are gearing up for a future fight over "universal health care" legislation, and Congress' vote to sustain Bush's SCHIP veto was the first live-fire exercise.

What went wrong with the Clinton plan?
Health care non-reform the last time
The health care reform proposal put forward by the Clinton administration wasn't killed by big business. It was allowed to waste away--and the Clintons sat by and let it happen.

What kind of health care reform?
The cofounder of Physicians for a National Health Program talks to SW about the crisis of the health care system, and what we should be fighting for.

Amanda Jones' health care nightmare
Amanda Jones has had a traumatic struggle with a rare neurological disorder. But just as traumatic has been her struggle to get medical care in the richest country in the world.

The illusion of "universal care"
The partisan rhetoric among presidential contenders blurs a bipartisan approach to health care--of offering a cash cow to the industry, while requiring no compromise on profits.

Will Sicko spark a movement?
Sicko has become a lightning rod for anger with the U.S. health care system--and activists who support radical reform were on hand to show people who saw the film what they can do.

Who's killing health care in America?
As Michael Moore's Sicko hits theaters, the simmering health care crisis in the U.S. appears headed for a boil.

The U.S. health care system:
Sick and getting sicker
Health care is out of reach for the growing number of uninsured Americans--and increasingly so even for those with coverage. Is there a cure for this sick system?

Cook County health care workers say no
Public health care cut to the bone
Cook County politicians are proposing drastic cuts to a public health system that serves the poor in the Chicago area. But nurses and doctors aren't taking these cuts lying down.

Seniors cut off in debut of Washington's prescription drug benefit
Medicare drug disaster
The great hidden scandal in Washington is the disastrous debut of the Medicare prescription drug benefit. A Rhode Island social worker gives a front-lines report.

Schwarzenegger stops patient-to-nurse ratio law
Helping hand for hospital bosses
California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's "emergency" regulation to stop the state's new patient-to-nurse ratio law read as if it were copied from the hospital lobby's Web site.

Neither party has a solution to a...
Health care system in crisis
Dr. David Himmelstein of Physicians for a National Health Program explains what's driving the crisis in U.S. health care.

One hospital after another makes plans to cut or close
LA County's sick health care system
Los Angeles' public health care system is spiraling deeper into chaos after the announcement that the county's second-busiest trauma center will close.

U.S. health care system in crisis
Some 43.6 million people in the U.S. are without health insurance--and literally thousands more lose their coverage each day, as good-paying jobs with benefits continue to disappear.

Quentin Young of Physicians for a National Health Program:
"A catastrophe when illness strikes"
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Making a bad law even worse
With the No Child Left Behind Act up for renewal in Congress, politicians are pushing proposals that will make an already bad law even worse.

Back to separate but equal
George Bush's right-wing Supreme Court made good on what so many expected of it in this session--culminating in a ruling that turned its back on Brown v. Board of Education.

Baltimore activists form a freedom school board
"No education, no life"
Baltimore City students and supporters have picked up the torch of the Mississippi Democratic Freedom Party and established the Maryland Freedom Board of Education.

The resegregation of America's public schools
Separate and unequal
Fifty years after Brown v. Board of Education, schoolchildren in the U.S. are suffering the consequences of an increasingly segregated school system.

The No Child Left Behind disaster:
How many schools left behind?
There is a growing crisis in our schools--and contrary to George Bush's claims, the No Child Left Behind Act is making it worse.

Get the military out of our schools
City officials want to open a "naval academy" in a Chicago high school--and increase the already strong influence of the armed forces in our schools.

Chicago's school privatization plan is...
Making students and teachers pay for the crisis
Chicago's "Renaissance 2010" charter school plan is one of the latest attempts to turn a profit off public schools--and weaken teachers' unions.

This Republican scheme won't help fix our public schools
Voucher rip-off in D.C.
Republicans in Congress want to use the Washington, D.C. public schools as a laboratory for their privatization schemes.

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The Exxon Valdez disaster goes on
ExxonMobil's management team has cornered the market on corporate corruption while paying a minimum in compensation to its many victims.

The collision of capitalism and nature
Author Mike Davis talks about the deeper causes of the California fires--above all, destructive land development driven by profit, and the failure of politicians to do anything about it.

Global warming: Who's the blame?
Climate change may be happening at an even quicker pace than previously thought--and the consequences are already proving to be devastating.

Jeffrey St. Clair on the latest in big business p.r.
Corporate America's green masquerade
A coeditor of CounterPunch says that to pretend that green enlightenment on behalf of corporations has to do with anything other than maximizing their profits is a delusion.

New warnings of global warming disaster:
Will the U.S. still not act?
A UN-sponsored panel of scientists has concluded that global warming is "unequivocal" and that human activity is the main force driving climate change.

The inconvenient truth about Al Gore
SW looks beyond the image-polishing of Al Gore's new movie--and explains what needs to be done to save the Earth.

Mike Davis on the wildfires in Southern California
"A market-driven recipe for disaster"
Author Mike Davis explains the real causes of the California wildfires--above all, years of destructive land development driven by the profit-first priorities of the free market.

Bush does the bidding of big business
Assault on the environment
The Toxic Texan has taken an ax to environmental regulations and directed his administration to give every advantage to corporate polluters. Socialist Worker reports on Bush's assault--and talks to Monthly Review coeditor John Bellamy Foster about why capitalism can't solve the environmental crisis.

Oil and gas White House pushes nuclear power
"We're going to stop them"
Harvey Wasserman, an expert on energy issues and veteran of the anti-nuclear movement, talked to Socialist Worker about California's power pinch--and the Bush gang's insane drive for nuclear power.

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