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Confronting empire

June 22, 2007 | Pages 8 to 12

John Pilger | Martín Sanchez | Dahlia Wasfi | Camilo Mejía | Jeremy Scahill | Rob Will | Joel Geier

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Rob Will

Texas death row prisoner and member of the DRIVE (Death Row Inner-communalist Vanguard Engagement) movement, which engages in nonviolent, direct action protest to fight for better conditions on death row and in opposition to capital punishment. Speaking for DRIVE, Rob sent this statement of solidarity to the Socialism conference. It was read by YUSEF SALAAM, who was wrongly convicted and imprisoned for seven years in the Central Park jogger case.

WE REVOLUTIONARIES fight because we feel that inaction in the face of injustice is nothing less than consent.

We fight here on Texas death row because we not only understand that capital punishment is a race and class issue that is utilized by the state as a tool of social control, but because we also understand that all struggle is interconnected. The death penalty is a working-class issue, an injustice that should be fought against, just as we fight against the brutal occupation of Iraq, for immigrant rights and in opposition to all forms of oppression.

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John Pilger

Jeremy Scahill


Sadly enough, most anti-death penalty organizations have refused to support our actions on the inside, which they consider "radical." They feel we should "follow the rules" and abandon all forms of civil disobedience.

Our comrades with the ISO have shown their active support of DRIVE's ongoing protest, which involves complete disregard and unrepentant breaking of the precious rules of this deplorable system.

The ISO and our Austin comrades have shown that they deeply feel the injustice that is the death penalty through the relentless support they have shown us. (By the way, much love to Paul D'Amato for his Meaning of Marxism and everyone at Socialist Worker and ISR, which have helped me define my personal political outlook more clearly).

In turn, DRIVE extends to the ISO and everyone else at the Socialism 2007 conference our unwavering solidarity. Look into the eyes of the person next to you. They are your comrades, our comrades and the future we are fighting to build.

And in the spirit of this fight, the struggle to liberate all oppressed peoples of the world, we send each and every one of you an embrace of solidarity and resistance!


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